Date: Feb 11, 2009 Category:

It’s one of the reasons I wanted to talk to you in particular, because of course I have been trained to look at landscape and you’ve been trained to look at landscape with very different ends and as a result, actually we are incredibly untypical. Because most people are not trained in a visual way at all. So what is that like to look at that space? 

You’re right, I mean it is about how you structure looking at the landscape, because I’m thinking about capturing it in an instant, and the feeling of it, to the way that that grey, y’know that particular shade of grey of the sky up there and it’s moving and you’ve got the light patch of ground and again the darker blue behind it, and you’ve got this pink of the cherry blossom which really pings out to me – um That’s barely noticeable to me – Yeah, you don’t even really notice that, but it’s also such a managed landscape for me to look at …

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