Isabella Streffen is set on leaving a trail of dazzling, playful breadcrumbs behind her. She likes to intervene in ‘heritage’ locations (from palaces to texts) and her work has been described as ‘a silver dagger hidden in a cloak of velvet’ and ‘like blowing kisses to the gods’.  She’s interested in beauty, power, the mysterious and the mythic.  She describes her work as  an expanded photograph which takes in film, text, audio, performance and objects: it’s always about a swift intake of breath.

Isabella is based in the UK, where she lectures in Fine Art at the University of Lincoln. She received a PhD in Fine Art from Newcastle University in 2012. Recent exhibitions and screenings include Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art 1905-2016 at the Whitney Museum of American Art; What’s To Hand at SIA in Sheffield, The New Black at Resonate 2015 in Belgrade, Magnificent Distance at Newcastle’s Globe Gallery, and 5×5 in Washington DC. Her collaborative work Illuminating Hadrian’s Wall won a gold British Tourism Award in 2010. You can see her work in The Nuclear Culture Sourcebook (Black Dog, 2016), IN COBRA RES 1.9 Flash Fiction (COBRA Press, 2015) and in The Lost Diagrams of Walter Benjamin (Ma Bibliothèque, 2017). She is a founder member of research group The And Or Project, and Contributing Editor at 3am.