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Isabella is particularly interested in the conditions for reading and writing, and how fiction relates to art, but rather than being a writer in any formal sense, she is a re-reader. Some of the projects featured below include her works in text and fiction. Expect more.

In 2001, Isabella began her ongoing work The Catalogue of Unsatisfied Desires. Early entries into the Catalogue consisted of both text and drawing, but since 2009, the piece has appeared exclusively on the Twitter platform, where Isabella tweets as @MinxMarple. The sample shown here is from May 2015.

In 2000, Isabella made an artist’s book C’est Pas Ça in which she described all the art works she had made to date, because they were never it. This featured single-page piece is the translation of an audio work made on tape.

In 2014, Isabella answered a call for agents from artist Sharon Kivland. At Kivland’s behest, Isabella undertook research for Library Interventions at Leeds College of Art into the library’s detective fiction collection. Isabella created the website https://huntingcrimeintheleedslibrary.com/ and the work Special Agent, Special AgentShe also created the audio-work Something About The Girl, where she stages her own disappearance, and makes a confession (featured here). Pictured is Kivland’s account of Isabella’s research in her text Report On Knowledge.

You can download Light, interruptive which was part of Pacific Binaries here.

Header image and right: in 2001 Isabella made Whores, an edition of four texts tooled onto paper, which she hid in copies of her favourite books at Waterstones book stores across the UK.

Turn Right At The Statue of Love features in The Lost Diagrams of Walter Benjamin, edited by Sharon Kivland and Helen Clarke (Paris: Ma Bibliothèque, 2017).