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In 2010-2011, Isabella was artist in residence at the Library of Congress in Washington DC. Her project there was The vision of Star Wars: tracing the military imagination through space which proposed to use the Library of Congress collections to creatively reconsider technologies developed during the space race to develop understanding of what our contemporary imaginary limits might be, and where the visioning technologies and scopic regimes of the future might emerge. She sought out 

“Astonishing objects; objects which were designed and tested but not made; forgotten objects; amateur drawings; unimagined objects”

in the Samuel Phillips manuscripts, the Gaston and Albert Tissandier archive, and the Rhoda Bubendey Métraux collection to produce a large body of work that included individual pieces including Hawk & Dove, My Plan To Rob The Getty (electronic document, top centre), The Proposition (performance lecture), Aeronaut (performance lecture, top right), Not In Kansas Anymore (photographic series, top left), Space Cadet (photographic series, main image), Fylingdales in Winter (sculpture) and Rocket (The Object and Its Shadow) (sculpture), some of which appear in her book Back Room Experiments and Other Experiments, published by Printed Authority in 2012.