RESIDENCY: 25SG (2011)

Date: May 5, 2011 Category:

In the autumn of 2010, Carole Luby and Hannah Marsden of 25 Stratford Grove invited Isabella to make some new performance work at their space in Newcastle Upon Tyne as part of the 2011 season.

Isabella was in residence for a short week 16-21 May 2011, collecting images, finalising her performance lecture Aeronaut, and co-authoring A Manifesto for Hospitality with Carole Luby. The residency culminated in a Community Day where hospitality was extended and accepted, a small echo of Shelley’s radical politics was heard, and where Isabella was in conversation with artist Irene Brown.

Aeronaut, devised during Isabella’s residency at the Library of Congress and previewed at 25SG in Newcastle, is an illustrated performance lecture. An unreliable narrator’s account of the history of aeronautics from Icarus to Aurora, it covers our forays into the air by wing, balloon, jet and rocket using the language of World War Two pilot’s transmissions and aerial photographs.

Once upon a time, five children met a sand fairy in a garden. They wished for wings, one of humankind’s eternal desires. My father made me these wings – yes, you’ve heard my story – but I didn’t fly too close to the sun or melt the wax, plunging to my death. I flew high above the crystal clouds and froze into an icy, solid thing that constantly orbits the earth. Copy and out.

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