Isabella Streffen creates exhibitions and encounters. She likes looking at things that she shouldn’t. She is interested in why we want to tease the invisible into visibility, and our anxiety as this starts to happen in politics, technology and perception. She is fascinated by institutional narratives and power relations, and in the conditions of reading and writing art after the internet.

Isabella Streffen currently lives in Northamptonshire and her work has featured in exhibitions, screenings and performances in the UK and internationally. These include solo exhibitions Requisite at historic Alderman Fenwick’s House, Aeronaut at 25SG and The Enlistment at Arlington Cemetery. Recent group exhibitions and screenings include Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art 1905-2016 at the Whitney Museum of American Art; What’s To Hand at SIA in Sheffield, The New Black at Resonate 2015 in Belgrade, Magnificent Distance at Newcastle’s Globe Gallery, and 5×5 in Washington DC. Streffen’s Illuminating Hadrian’s Wall won a gold British Tourism Award in 2010. Streffen was resident in The Library of Congress in 2010/11 where she produced Hawk & Dove and at the Terra Foundation in Giverny in 2011. She received an MFA from Newcastle University in 2008, and completed her PhD in Fine Art in 2012. She also works as co-editor of the And Or Project, and as Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Lincoln. You can see her work in the Nuclear Culture Sourcebook from Black Dog, in COBRA RES 1.9 Flash Fiction from COBRA Press, and in Show Me The Money from Manchester University Press


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